Invest Prudently

Small Advice To All Readers

•Before you invest your money, investigate.

•Fix your target and always keep stop loss and trailing stop loss.

•Never average loss-making positions.

•Stop-loss is inevitable for safe trading.

•The call expires once the target is achieved or the stop-loss is hit.

•One bad trade can ruin you, so always keep risk low.

•When the market is trend less, keep out

•Follow the trend.

•Good things never end here.





Do's & Don'ts

Never Over Trade - There is nothing called a compulsion that you should trade too much. If you made a decent profit then please stop your urges to trade again and again. Be satisfied with what you made on that particular day. Over trading can only make your broker richer and not you.


Trade only when there is a right opportunity. Don't do speculative trading.

Everyone says this and we do tell the same. If you are trading with your broker's money then please do maintain strict stop loss.


Don't trade in Futures market without proper knowledge. You may even end up losing all your capital plus left with some liability too.


Options are much better way to trade than futures. But remember options include a time value and the premium falls over a period of time.


Maintain sufficient margins when you indulge in day trading / derivative trading. Never trade in F&O market taking limit from the broker.


If you are using margin funding from your broker then make use of it only for long term purpose calls. Use this facility up to 50% only to buy shares when market falls. If your capital is 1 lakh then don't buy beyond 2 Lakhs. Buying for 3 or 4 Lakhs or more will invite financial trouble even in 1 or 2% market fall.


And most importantly "keep booking profits" whenever applicable.






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